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Stop Competing with the Big Schools with Your Own Residency or Gap Year Program

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The Church needs a new generation of leaders trained for the needs of today and tomorrow. Bible schools, Christian universities, and seminaries have long been the go-to destinations for future Christian leaders. But many local churches and ministries have begun reclaiming their unique role in the leadership training process. Traditional schools still provide a helpful service to the church, but your ministry can fill a gap that schools were never designed to meet. Different Roles in the Same Process For someone to become a fully realized leader, they need a lot more than can be found in a classroom. To … Read more

You Don’t Need to Choose Between Hands-On Training and Academic Credit

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Your ministry lives in the real world, with real people in real communities.
With the right training program, you don’t need to choose between giving your Church residency or gap year students hands-on training and academic credit. They can have both.

Why You Don’t Need to Start a School to Offer an Accredited Gap Year Program

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Students earn academic credit through schools. So what does that mean for your internship, residency, or gap-year program? Do you need to start a school for your graduates to get credit? Here’s why you will need a school to offer an accredited gap year program, but you don’t need to worry about starting your own. The Truth about “Credit” Let’s first understand what we even mean by “credit.” Giving someone credit for completing a particular course or program means you are establishing a value system for that work that others will recognize. For example, your church might require prospective members … Read more