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How to Retain Ministry Interns Over the Long Haul

Ministry internship mentoring is essential.

The following are some simple steps you can take now to help retain your new ministry interns over the long haul. Not only will taking these steps serve your interns by helping them succeed, but they help you, your program, and your ministry, as well. Programs with higher retention rates have healthier budgets and more graduates out in the real world sending referrals back into them.

Stop Competing with the Big Schools with Your Own Residency or Gap Year Program

ministry culture is caught not taught

The Church needs a new generation of leaders trained for the needs of today and tomorrow. Bible schools, Christian universities, and seminaries have long been the go-to destinations for future Christian leaders. But many local churches and ministries have begun reclaiming their unique role in the leadership training process. Traditional schools still provide a helpful service to the church, but your ministry can fill a gap that schools were never designed to meet. Different Roles in the Same Process For someone to become a fully realized leader, they need a lot more than can be found in a classroom. To … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Start a Ministry Training Program


Ministry is hard. Training other people for ministry can be even harder. In fact, sometimes it can feel impossible. But with the right plan, you can build the right internship, residency, or gap year program for your ministry context. Step 1: Design – The Best Laid Plans Great deeds start with even greater plans. Training ministry leaders for the next generation of God’s work is a worthy mission. To get there you will need to design the right plan for you, your team, and your goals. Clearly Identify What Makes You, YouThere are a lot of schools and training programs … Read more