Helping you multiply gospel-driven leaders

Your people.
Your context.
Academic credibility.

Comprehensive tools and support to take your disciple-making strategy to the next level.

Minimal Cost

Maximum Flexibility

Academic Credibility

Raising up effective and credible Kingdom leaders doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re here to help.

Tired of sending your best leaders away for training?

Outsourcing for world-class training pulls potential leaders away from your ministry context and long-term relationships.

Overwhelmed with the prospect of building from scratch?

Learning management and administrative burdens are huge and the perceived value of internal certifications can be limited.

Frustrated with cut-and-paste models?

Mass-market systems and curriculum will never really fit your specific ministry environment or leverage your unique strengths.

Working with a limited budget?

Development and launch takes time and money well before the real cost of running a program becomes clear.  That can be a risky investment, especially without an established track record of success.

program design team

Multiply your impact.

We’ll help you launch and grow an effective training program with proven results.

A group of friends at a coffee shop

We walk with you every step of the way.

We’re not a program, curriculum, or a strategy.  Eleven:6 is a partner through all the ups and downs of your situation.

We create a custom plan that fits you.

We know every one of our clients is unique. That’s why we provide strategies tailor-made for your specific and evolving needs. We do that from a platform of relationship.

We limit your upfront costs.

We work with complete transparency, and are dedicated to delivering with a limited front-end investment.

How it works.

We’ll walk with your team through a 3-phase process to design and launch an academic-grade program tailored to your situation.


Start by scheduling a call. We’ll dive into your vision and how we can help make it happen.


We’ll step into your world through our accelerated design process. We’ll get to know you, your people and the challenges you are facing to give you a clear action plan.


We’ll help you launch a tailored program with clear action steps and with minimal time and money investment on your part.

Let’s make your mission happen.

We’re excited to help you jump past the massive demands on your bandwidth and budget so you can launch a credible training initiative with real missional impact.