Helping Next Gen Leaders Encounter God and Engage Faith Through Missions – Andrea Kroeze – Touch the World

Andrea Kroeze is the Training and Curriculum Coordinator at Touch the World, a missions training organization based in Allendale, NJ, that “creates opportunities for youth to encounter God and engage their faith through missions… to live on mission every day, everywhere.” TTW launched the Discipleship & Missions Year (Christian gap year program) in Fall 2023, integrated with Anchor Christian University courses via the Eleven:6 network platform, and hosted at TTW’s Missions Center in PA.

We kick off the episode talking about Andrea’s personal journey, from youth missions trips to serving with Touch the World after college, to full time missions in Uganda, and back to the US to serve with Touch the World. We also explore the various aspects of Touch the World, including training and partnerships for short-term missions, the network and partnerships of Touch the World, missionaries and mission organizations utilizing Touch the World, and how the Discipleship & Missions Year fits within that ecosystem. And we touch on the early results (impact!) the TTW team is seeing from the program approach as the vision and curriculum design manifest in transformation for each unique student this year.

Braided throughout is Andrea’s unique perspective, formed through her deep experience across the full range of missions platforms and through her broad and deep study of best practices in the field, on the challenges and opportunities for training next gen leaders for effective gospel mission, wherever God takes them.

Quick Outline

Use the “chapters” at the bottom of the embedded video (links below) to jump to different parts of the conversation.

  • 00:00 Personal Path to Missions and TTW
  • 03:57 Why Training Matters in Short Term Missions
  • 07:40 The Missions Center (PA)
  • 11:09 TTW’s Network of Missions Partners
  • 18:04 The Missions Academy – Online Training
  • 18:25 Network and Partnerships of Touch the World
  • 22:05 Personal Journey and Curriculum Development
  • 27:43 The Discipleship & Missions Year – Christian Gap Year Program

Key Takeaways

  • Short-term missions training can be facilitated through weekend formats, multiplying impact for both the missions team and the field they go to serve.
  • Touch the World has a network of partnerships in 16 different international locations.
  • Missionaries and mission organizations can benefit from the resources and support provided by Touch the World.
  • Touch the World serves as a bridge for ministry organizations, offering resources and expertise with a team of seasoned missions professionals.
  • The Discipleship & Missions Year (Christian gap year program) program design, with a semester focused on personal spiritual formation, and a semester focused on experience serving, is proving to be deeply impactful for students.
  • Andrea shares her personal journey in curriculum development and highlights the value of continuous learning.
  • Questions play a crucial role in the learning process and can lead to personal growth and development.