Camp Ministry Intern at Word of Life Camps (NY) — Luc Stout

Luc Stout shares his journey from growing up in a ministry family to finding his own faith and committing to a fully sold out life for Jesus. He discusses his experience at the Word of Life Bible Institute and the impact of snow camp on his faith. Luc also talks about the value of education and ministry and his decision to pursue an internship at Word of Life. He shares his experience leading a discipleship group and his choice to attend Anchor Christian University. Luc concludes by discussing his vision for the future and his desire to teach and preach in ministry.

Our lively conversation covers various themes related to spiritual growth, ministry partnerships, unconventional education, the impact of Anchor Christian University projects, and the importance of practical teaching. A key theme is the impact of invested mentors and profs (like Tommy Sewall and Dwight Peterson) and parents through the journey. Luc expresses gratitude for the program’s benefits to his spiritual life. The discussion highlights the expansion of ministry through mission partnerships and the unique approach of Anchor. The conversation also emphasizes the value of practical teaching over informational teaching. Luc expresses appreciation for the trust and support he has received.

Quick Outline

Use the “chapters” at the bottom of the embedded video (links below) to jump to different parts of the conversation.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 03:00 Committing to a Fully Sold Out Life for Jesus
  • 05:07 Transitioning to the Word of Life Bible Institute
  • 08:06 The Impact of Snow Camp
  • 11:03 The Emotional Side of Ministry
  • 15:01 The Value of Education and Ministry
  • 18:36 Choosing the Word of Life Internship
  • 22:53 The Experience of the Internship
  • 24:54 Leading a Discipleship Group
  • 28:16 Choosing Anchor Christian University
  • 31:45 The Vision for the Future
  • 44:13 Gratitude for Spiritual Growth

Key Takeaways

  • Committing to a fully sold out life for Jesus requires a personal decision to follow Him and not rely on the faith of others.
  • Ministry is not always about the platform or preaching, but also about the mundane and serving in various capacities.
  • Choosing a college or university that aligns with your ministry goals and offers flexibility can greatly enhance your educational experience.
  • Gen Z is hungry for the truth and needs mentors and leaders who will guide them with grace and love.
  • Being content and present in the current season of life is important, trusting that God will lead and open doors for the future.