Create a Church Internship Program: Empower Your Ministry’s Future

Are you ready to revolutionize your ministry’s impact? Elevate your mission with our cutting-edge Church Internship Programs. Your customized program will be strategically designed to Equip, Educate, and Empower the next generation of ministry leaders. Ignite passions, cultivate talents, and launch exceptional ministry pros, while plugging into accredited college degree pathways.

Church Internship Programs powered by Eleven:6

Empower Future Leaders: Unleash Their Full Potential!

The demand for skilled and passionate church leaders is higher than ever, and Eleven:6 is here to answer that call. Our expertise lies in developing unique programs that address the challenges next gen Christian leaders face in today’s dynamic ministry landscape. Whether it’s adapting to modern congregational needs or mastering the art of effective pastoral care, we understand the importance of preparing young believers to excel in their ministry journey.

At Eleven:6, we’re on a mission to cultivate exceptional ministry professionals — in partnership with the global church — equipped with both practical leadership skills and a profound understanding of ministry principles. Our tailored internship experiences accelerate personal and spiritual growth, empowering future church leaders for a lifetime of service.

Cultivate Your Church Internship Program in 3 Simple Steps



We immerse ourselves in your ministry’s world, understanding your unique needs and aspirations. Through our Accelerated Design Process, we collaborate closely to create a tailored program that reflects your vision and values.



With a crystal-clear vision, we leverage our advanced toolkit to craft a comprehensive action plan. Our cutting-edge resources ensure your interns gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences, all while aligning with accredited degree pathways.



Ready, set, launch! With Eleven:6 by your side, you’ll introduce a transformative Church Internship Program with minimal investment. Our proven expertise and partnerships guarantee both financial and eternal Return On Investment.

You gain a strategic team member — the entire Eleven:6 organization — that will dramatically minimize the mystery and the bandwidth load at every stage of the process. Why? So you can work in your gifting, your calling, and your capacity, developing and launching next generation leaders for the Church. And you don’t have to become and expert, earn a PhD, or spend countless hours searching for best practices and resources.

Interns will experience a transformative journey that combines hands-on ministry involvement, mentorship, and access to academic resources, setting them up for success in their future leadership roles. With our expertise in designing and implementing residency programs, our focus on immersive training and mentorship, and our commitment to ongoing support, Eleven:6 empowers you to cultivate a new generation of skilled and passionate leaders who will shape the future of your ministry.

Let us help you launch or elevate your Church, Camp, or Missions Internship program with accredited degree pathways.

Elevate your ministry’s impact with Eleven:6

Are you tired of cookie-cuter ministry training? Or bolt-on solutions that compete with real-world ministry demands? Elevate your program’s value and outcomes with Eleven:6. Our focus on immersive training, mentorship, and ongoing support sets us apart. Your interns will embark on a transformative journey, combining hands-on ministry involvement, coaching, and academic excellence.

Don’t let the challenge of developing effective church leaders hold you back. Contact us today to unlock a legacy of powerful skill development and spiritual formation that will leave an indelible mark on your interns and on your ministry.

Shape tomorrow’s church leaders!

Boost Recruiting

Internship programs with degree pathways attract more — and more motivated — applicants.

Elevate Outcomes

Interns enrolled in our academic programs outperform non-credit peers in focus, commitment, and ministry outcomes.

Leadership Pipeline

Your ministry DNA, multiplied in next generation leaders, ready to join your team, launch into your ministry network, or beyond.


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Accelerate Implementation & Amplify Results

Our process, in conjunction with our uniquely integrated learning model, positions your Church, Camp, or Missions Internship program to go beyond academic baselines and produce ministry and marketplace disciple-makers with a higher level of tangible competency, capacity, and character.  And it minimizes the bandwidth drain for your team in the creation, launch, and delivery of your program.

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