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Listen in on conversations with Christian leaders, educators, and students from the growing Eleven:6 global learning community as they unpack experiences, learning, and essential tools for training and launching next gen disciple-making leaders in ministry and the marketplace.

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The Front Line Podcast is hosted by Ben Wilhite, Executive Director of Eleven:6.


Dynamic Discipleship in Camp Ministry – Tommy Sewall – Word of Life

This episode is a conversation with Tommy Sewall, the Director of Word of Life Youth Camps in Schroon Lake, New York. We discuss Tommy’s personal background, the overview of Word of Life and its camps and the hands-on ministry experience at Word of Life Bible Institute. Tommy shares his personal history with Word of Life and his leadership role at the youth camps. We talk about the integration of learning and ministry, and Tommy’s experience as a student in the Anchor Christian University MA Christian Leadership program, leveraging the Eleven:6 learning model. And we discuss the Word of Life internship program and how to leverage the Eleven:6 learning model with interns.