Dynamic Discipleship in Camp Ministry – Tommy Sewall – Word of Life

This episode is a conversation with Tommy Sewall, the Director of Word of Life Youth Camps in Schroon Lake, New York. We discuss Tommy’s personal background, the overview of Word of Life and its camps and the hands-on ministry experience at Word of Life Bible Institute. Tommy shares his personal history with Word of Life and his leadership role at the youth camps. We talk about the integration of learning and ministry, and Tommy’s experience as a student in the Anchor Christian University MA Christian Leadership program, leveraging the Eleven:6 learning model. And we discuss the Word of Life internship program and how to leverage the Eleven:6 learning model with interns.

Quick Outline

Use the “chapters” at the bottom of the embedded video (links below) to jump to different parts of the conversation.

  • 0:00 About Word of Life and Camp Ministry
  • 3:19 Word of Life Bible Institute + Hands On Learning
  • 7:22 About Tommy – Personal Story, Leadership Role
  • 16:49 Recruiting + Discipling Staff While Serving Campers
  • 20:12 Deciding to do a Master’s Degree with Anchor Christian University
  • 24:40 How the Eleven:6 Learning Model Adds Value
  • 27:31 Real-World Ministry Outcomes
  • 31:39 Learning Blueprint Amplifies Beyond Courses
  • 34:23 Leading Interns with the Eleven:6 Toolbox
  • 45:52 Advice for Emerging Leaders

Key Takeaways

The full transcript will be posted here later this week, but the following are some key conversation points.

  • The Word of Life Bible Institute integrates real-world ministry experience with academic learning, providing students with a holistic and practical education.
  • The hands-on ministry experience at Word of Life camps allows students to develop leadership skills and make a real impact in the lives of campers.
  • The Eleven:6 learning model, leveraged through Anchor Christian University courses and programs, emphasizes the integration of learning and ministry, allowing students to apply what they learn in real-time, with substantial real-world outcomes in real time.
  • The Word of Life internship program is global (camps, intercultural, church opportunities) and provides students with the opportunity to further develop their skills and gain practical experience in ministry.
  • The Anchor learning model is highly beneficial for both students and ministry leaders, as it allows for the integration of learning and real-world application.