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How to Filter for Ideal Church Residency or Internship Candidates

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Are you worried you don’t have the right candidates for your church residency or ministry internship program? You may need to start filtering for a different type of student. Jesus chose twelve ordinary men, but these men all had certain qualities others lacked. You can look for these same qualities and filter for better candidates … Read more

Stop Competing with the Big Schools with Your Own Residency or Gap Year Program

ministry culture is caught not taught

The Church needs a new generation of leaders trained for the needs of today and tomorrow. Bible schools, Christian universities, and seminaries have long been the go-to destinations for future Christian leaders. But many local churches and ministries have begun reclaiming their unique role in the leadership training process. Traditional schools still provide a helpful … Read more

The Role Accreditation Actually Plays in the Hiring Process

experience, degree, relationship makes successful interview

Every young person is told that they will need a degree to go further in life. But not every degree is the same. Some come from big name schools and others from local community colleges. Some schools are accredited and others find their niche outside of the traditional accreditation system. Knowing the role that accreditation … Read more

Your Residents or Interns Want Academic Credit! We Can Help.

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Your church residency or ministry internship program might produce great leaders, but are those leaders getting the academic credit they could be? There’s a way for your program to keep producing great leaders while also offering undergraduate and/or master’s degree pathways.

How to Transition Into an Academic Grade Ministry Training Program, Fast!

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You know your ministry needs its own training program, but getting it built feels like it will take forever. You will need a cohesive curriculum, materials, hands-on training opportunities, and a thousand other things, then there’s the question of accreditation. Maybe it will take forever, at your current pace, but it doesn’t have to. There … Read more