Custom-Made Christian Gap Year Programs

The Eleven:6 Christian Gap Year program partners with frontline ministries to Equip, Educate, and Empower next generation world changers to discover their God-designed path, gain faith-driven life skills, and launch into their next steps. Elevate your program with our dynamic college course delivery framework and plug into accredited college degree pathways.

Christian Gap Year students love earning college credit.

Christian Gap Year Programs powered by Eleven:6

Empower your ministry with a powerful framework that elevates skill development and spiritual formation.

Christian Gap Year programs are exploding in response to the growing challenges — skyrocketing tuition, cultural pressures, and rapid shift in marketplace skill requirements — of diving right into a 4-year degree program. At Eleven:6, we understand your desire to prepare young believers to thrive in their calling, and we’re here to help you cultivate a new generation of exceptional leaders.

Our mission at Eleven:6 is to help you launch or elevate a customized Christian Gap Year program that addresses the challenges young people face as they navigate the transition from high school — or early college — to the next steps in life. We believe investing essential life and learning skills, with a solid working biblical foundation, accelerates and amplifies value across the student’s trajectory, whether it includes college, trade school, or a direct path to the workforce.

Whether your goal is to develop and retain young talent or to launch next generation leaders into their next steps in life, we are here to help accelerate and amplify that purpose.

3 Simple Steps to a University-Level Christian Gap Year Program



At Eleven:6, we step into your world to understand your ministry’s unique needs and goals. Our signature Accelerated Design Process allows us to get to know you, your team, and the God-sized goals you’ve been called to. Through collaborative discussions and a thoughtful review of your existing program (if relevant), we work together to create a tailored university-level residency program that amplifies your vision, values, and culture.



With a clear vision in place, we move on to the development phase. We leverage our plug-and-play toolbox of resources, including cutting-edge software and access to accredited degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This enables us to develop an action plan that equips your Christian Gap Year students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences, to develop essential life skills and practical biblical foundations. We ensure that the program exceeds academic standards and provides valuable educational outcomes.



Once the program is designed and developed, we help you quickly launch a proven, academically dynamic Christian Gap Year program with minimal investment. Our expertise and partnerships with accredited institutions allow us to offer incredible financial and eternal Return On Investment (ROI).

You gain a strategic team member — the entire Eleven:6 organization — that will dramatically minimize the mystery and the bandwidth load at every stage of the process. Why? So you can work in your gifting, your calling, and your capacity, developing and launching next generation Christian leaders for ministry and the marketplace. And you don’t have to become and expert, earn a PhD, or spend countless hours searching for best practices and resources.

Your Christian Gap Year students will experience a transformative journey that combines hands-on ministry involvement, mentorship, and access to academic resources, setting them up for success in their future education, professional, and family endeavors. With our expertise in designing and implementing Christian Gap Year programs, our focus on immersive training and mentorship, and our commitment to ongoing support, Eleven:6 empowers you to cultivate a new generation of skilled and passionate young people who will impact the world for God.

Let us help you launch or elevate your Christian Gap Year program with transferable courses and accredited degree pathways.

Your program, elevated.

Say goodbye to the frustration of competing with every other Christian Gap Year program — or even the regional university — for your next class of students. With Eleven:6, you can look forward to a future where the significant value and essential outcomes of your program is clear and consistent. Together, let’s create a legacy of powerful life skill development and spiritual formation that leaves a lasting mark on your students.

Don’t let the problem of delivering college-level training in a dynamic ministry environment — without stealing extra bandwidth — hold you back any longer. Contact us today to learn more about how Eleven:6 can help you overcome these challenges and build a strong foundation of integrated learning that uses and maximizes your unique program and ministry DNA to develop and launch young people into their calling.

Recruiting Boost + Elevated Outcomes = Leadership Pipeline

Boost Recruiting

Christian Gap Year programs with transferable college credit and degree pathways attract more — and more motivated — applicants.

Elevate Outcomes

Gap Year students enrolled in our academic programs outperform non-credit peers in focus, commitment, and learning (skills + formation) outcomes. Plus they save A LOT of future tuition cost and up to a year of time in college.

Leadership Pipeline

Your ministry DNA, multiplied in next generation leaders, which can fuel future short-term and full time staff with dynamic young talent you already know.


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Accelerate Implementation & Amplify Results

Our process, in conjunction with our uniquely integrated learning model, positions your Christian Gap Year program to go beyond academic baselines and launch next generation ministry and marketplace disciple-makers with a higher level of tangible competency, capacity, and character.  And it minimizes the bandwidth drain for your team in the creation, launch, and delivery of your program.

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