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For Credit or Not? Evaluating Your Internship, Gap Year, or Residency Program

Upgrade your ministry internship to include academic credit, boost recruiting.

Many ministry leaders are transitioning their training programs to offer academic credit and degree pathways for their students. If you have a ministry internship, a Christian gap year program, a church residency, or other similar training program, you may be considering doing the same.

Your Ministry Internship: 3 Common DIY Mistakes That Cost Money

Ministry internship director smiling

Ministry leaders tend to be more entrepreneurial than most. And ministry leaders who take on the task of leading ministry internship, church residency, and Christian gap year programs tend to be even more do-it-yourself! We applaud your particular set of skills and passions. But there are some things you should stop trying to do yourself. These things are costing you money and, more importantly, they keep you from focusing on what you are really great at. Here are a few common examples: Being Your Team’s IT Professional  Software is expensive. But it’s also a necessity in this modern world. You … Read more