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For Credit or Not? Evaluating Your Internship, Gap Year, or Residency Program

Upgrade your ministry internship to include academic credit, boost recruiting.

Many ministry leaders are transitioning their training programs to offer academic credit and degree pathways for their students. If you have a ministry internship, a Christian gap year program, a church residency, or other similar training program, you may be considering doing the same.

How to Filter for Ideal Church Residency or Internship Candidates

High impact church residency interns laughing

Are you worried you don’t have the right candidates for your church residency or ministry internship program? You may need to start filtering for a different type of student. Jesus chose twelve ordinary men, but these men all had certain qualities others lacked. You can look for these same qualities and filter for better candidates for your ministry training program. Here is what to look for and how to find it in a candidate: Look for the Faithful: Above-Average Dedication When Jesus handed out free bread and fish, the masses were happy to follow him. But when Jesus changed tactics … Read more