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Training vs. Educating: Why You Can’t Pick Just One

Training vs educating emerging leaders

Emerging leaders have a host of options when it comes to professional training and ministry education. Bible schools and seminaries of all types and sizes have long been a trusted resource for those seeking ministry training. In more recent years, ministry internship, Christian gap-year, and church residency programs have grown in popularity and there is increasing demand for more frontline training programs. But rather than choosing between the academic and ministry training environments, why not offer a model that includes the best of both? Doing this will set you apart as a training program and give your students more complete training to launch them into ministry and leadership.

How to Retain Ministry Interns Over the Long Haul

Ministry internship mentoring is essential.

The following are some simple steps you can take now to help retain your new ministry interns over the long haul. Not only will taking these steps serve your interns by helping them succeed, but they help you, your program, and your ministry, as well. Programs with higher retention rates have healthier budgets and more graduates out in the real world sending referrals back into them.

Your Ministry Internship: 3 Common DIY Mistakes That Cost Money

Ministry internship director smiling

Ministry leaders tend to be more entrepreneurial than most. And ministry leaders who take on the task of leading ministry internship, church residency, and Christian gap year programs tend to be even more do-it-yourself! We applaud your particular set of skills and passions. But there are some things you should stop trying to do yourself. These things are costing you money and, more importantly, they keep you from focusing on what you are really great at. Here are a few common examples: Being Your Team’s IT Professional  Software is expensive. But it’s also a necessity in this modern world. You … Read more

You Don’t Need to Choose Between Hands-On Training and Academic Credit

Ministry residents in academic credit program overlooking cityscape

Your ministry lives in the real world, with real people in real communities.
With the right training program, you don’t need to choose between giving your Church residency or gap year students hands-on training and academic credit. They can have both.