From Camp to Education Entrepreneurship — Master’s Degree Alum, Dr. Blake Willard

The dynamic skills developed in camp ministry translate everywhere. In this episode, we catch up with Blake Willard, an alum of the MEd Organizational Leadership program formerly available via our partnership with Clarks Summit University. Blake completed the program while serving as a supervisor at Cameron Boys Camp, a therapeutic camping ministry that is affiliated with the North Carolina Baptist Convention, and also part of the Wilderness Road Therapeutic Camp Association (WRTCA). Since then, Blake completed a doctoral program, served in local church and Christian school ministry, led a new Christian school launch, and founded the Homeschool Mastery Group. Through the conversation, we track the how the unique essential competencies, capacities, and character, developed at camp shape and multiply value across seasons and settings.

Quick Outline

Use the “chapters” at the bottom of the embedded video (links below) to jump to different parts of the conversation.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Background
  • 03:00 Serving at Cameron Boys Camp
  • 16:24 Earning a Master’s Degree While at Camp
  • 22:39 Transition to Church Ministry and Doctoral Program
  • 36:26 Launching the Homeschool Mastery Group
  • 48:20 The Challenges and Opportunities of Homeschooling
  • 54:54 Advice for Emerging Leaders

Key Takeaways

The following are some essential points from the conversation:

  • Cameron Boys Camp offers immersive experiential education for at-risk youth that goes beyond traditional camp, providing a holistic development opportunity that fosters healing and builds foundations for life success.
  • Camp ministry provides a unique and powerful opportunity to develop personal, professional, and ministry skills that translate across seasons and platforms.
  • Completing or leveling up a degree while serving in ministry is a challenge, but the integrated approach adds impact in real time and creates an opportunity to become the person that can accomplish more.
  • Parents are the primary educators and disciple makers of their children in homeschooling
  • The Homeschool Mastery Group provides community, coaching, and coursework to support parents in their homeschooling journey
  • Advice for young leaders… Setting goals and tracking accomplishments in real time helps to affirm and communicate the story God is writing in and through one’s life.