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Camp Ministry Intern at Word of Life Camps (NY) — Luc Stout

Luc Stout - Word of Life Camp Intern - Anchor Christian University

Luc Stout shares his journey from growing up in a ministry family to finding his own faith and committing to a fully sold out life for Jesus. He discusses his experience at the Word of Life Bible Institute and the impact of snow camp on his faith. Luc also talks about the value of education and ministry and his decision to pursue an internship at Word of Life. He shares his experience leading a discipleship group and his choice to attend Anchor Christian University. Luc concludes by discussing his vision for the future and his desire to teach and preach … Read more

Disciple-Making Impact in Ministry and Higher Education — Dr. Dwight Peterson


Dr. Dwight Peterson currently serves as the Executive Director at The Capital Church in Columbus, Ohio, a church plant that is part of the SALT Network. He also serves as the longest tenured graduate and undergraduate professor for Anchor Christian University. Prior to taking the role in Ohio, he invested 20 years as an essential faculty member at Clarks Summit University (PA), building on almost two decades of pastoral ministry at churches in New Jersey and Indiana. In this episode, Dwight shares his background and journey in ministry, from growing up in a ministry family at Word of Life to … Read more