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The Role Accreditation Actually Plays in the Hiring Process

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Every young person is told that they will need a degree to go further in life. But not every degree is the same. Some come from big name schools and others from local community colleges. Some schools are accredited and others find their niche outside of the traditional accreditation system. Knowing the role that accreditation … Read more

Why You Don’t Need to Start a School to Offer an Accredited Gap Year Program

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Students earn academic credit through schools. So what does that mean for your internship, residency, or gap-year program? Do you need to start a school for your graduates to get credit? Here’s why you will need a school to offer an accredited gap year program, but you don’t need to worry about starting your own. … Read more

Accreditation and Ministry Training Curriculum: Your Questions Answered

person holding on red pen while writing ministry training curriculum

When you spend time in the trenches of real-life ministry you understand that there are some lessons you can only learn in the field. This has led to a growing movement of ministry leaders who want to move the center of ministry education out of the classroom. Expansive internships, residency programs, and gap year programs, … Read more